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No Kill Date! Today's Date: June 1, 1999

New Software Suite Helps Students Get Organized and Raise Grades

Imagine bolting through your next exam, having all of your class notes and reading assignments completely memorized.

Imagine glancing through a clean, concise outline of your notes instead of rummaging through illegible papers and re-reading entire books.

Imagine creating a formatted outline and bibliography for your term paper with just the press of a button.

Now stop imagining and start learning! ScholarSoft unites the labor of studies with the power of computers in their newest software package, ScholarSuite 2000. ScholarSuite is designed to bolster learning, strengthen efficiency, and raise grades for high school and college students. It provides a complete set of tools for every aspect of study, including note taking, memorizing, researching, and writing term papers.

Flash!, the first of ScholarSuite’s three applications, applies proven methods of memorization to give students the ultimate study tool. A student simply enters questions and answers into the software; he then quizzes himself with online flash cards. With many unique memory-enhancing innovations, the program is as effective as it is user-friendly. For instance, its Color Commit feature associates answers with a unique color, considerably strengthening memorization. Users can fully customize the cards’ appearance for their highest productivity as well.

The second application is Biblio, an unrivaled research program to organize notes, draft outlines, and create bibliographies. Using the software, a student takes notes of the books he is reading for class and for research projects. Biblio will automatically create outlines of these summaries in a wide variety of styles and formats. Then, using the notes from any number of references, the student can quickly draft an outline of his scholarly paper or presentation. Biblio is equally useful for organizing notes from class lectures. And, as its name suggests, Biblio will also generate bibliographies for these projects with just a click of the mouse. The bibliographies may be formatted to both the MLA and APA standard, eliminating a major burden and sparing precious time.

Lastly, students can keep the files on their computers organized, accessible, and safe with Pack It! The software groups important documents together and provides quick access to these files from the Windows System Tray. At the same time, Pack It! automatically creates a backup copy of these important files, safeguarding users from disaster. This utility is quite useful to organize files for classes and term papers.

ScholarSuite 2000 is compatible with Windows 95 , Windows NT 4, and above. ScholarSoft gives substantial discounts for bulk quantities and site licenses. For more information and to download a FREE 30-day evaluation of ScholarSuite 2000, visit ScholarSoft’s website:

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