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When was the last time you searched endlessly through every folder of every drive for a particular file? Or the last time you spent days on a project, only to see it be destroyed by a virus or other disaster? These dilemmas won't happen anymore with Pack It! Completely new to ScholarSuite 2000, Pack It! offers a revolutionary way to keep your files organized and safe. Assemble "packages" for files you wish to group together, and Pack It! creates a highly compressed file which:

Pack It! Main Window
  • Organizes the files by type (i.e. all Biblio documents will be grouped, all Flash! files will be grouped, etc.),
  • Allows you to transfer all the files in the package to another computer just by transferring the package itself,
  • Stores a back-up copy of these important files for life's unexpected,
  • Provides quick access to the files by residing in the Windows Tool Tray (on the Start Menu Bar). You can open the files just as you open programs via the Start Menu.

With full drag-and-drop functionality and support for ZIP files, Pack It! is a utility no Windows user should be without!

Don't risk losing your files to viruses! Download Pack It! to safeguard yourself from disaster!

Pack It! Menu

Features & Benefits of Pack It!

  • Organize your most important files without moving them to different folders!
  • Open these files quickly and easily using a Start Menu-like menu in the Tool Tray
  • Protect these files as Pack It! automatically creates a compressed back-up version
  • Copy all the files in a package to another computer by simply copying the package!
  • Add files by simply dragging-and-dropping them into the Packager Window or by using the Windows Send To command
  • Copy the files by dragging them from the Packager Window and dropping them to another location!
  • Import ZIP files as packages, and export packages to ZIP files for everyone else to use!
  • Customize Pack It's interface to create your own perfect environment!
  • Find the help you need in one mouse click with Pack It's excellent context-sensitive help
  • Visit the online technical support forum to post questions and ideas for additional features

See why ZDNet gave it their Five-Star Award: download your FREE 30-day evaluation of Pack-It right now!

Minimum System Requirements:

Download Pack It! | Order Pack It! Online | Other ScholarSoft Products