ScholarSuite 2000 v1.4 is now available!

A service release is now available for ScholarSuite 2000 and Biblio. This power-packed, feature-rich study suite is the perfect tool for students, professors, researchers, and anyone passionate about learning. See why students around the globe are raving about ScholarSuite--download the FREE 30-day evaluation right now!

This new release updates Biblio to meet the fifth edition APA standards. All current users are encouraged to upgrade.

ScholarSuite 2000

Free online flash card study aid is now available.

ScholarSoft has introduced a flash card study tool that will help you learn and improve your grades. The service is free to use and you can export your flash card data so that you can return to the service at a later date and resume your studies. Check it out now!

Manage Your References with Biblio!

Organize your research, and create outlines and bibliographies in minutes!

Biblio is an unprecedented research tool. It provides simple methods to organize class notes and reading materials, and it's packed with the power to create outlines and bibliographies in both the MLA and fifth edition APA standards! Get organized with Biblio!

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ScholarSoft's Five-Star Award from ZDNet

ScholarSoft Earns Five Stars from ZDNet!

Yes, it's true! The software everyone's talking about has earned high honors from ZDNet, the leader in software ranking. Find out for yourself by downloading the software.

ScholarSuite 2000 | Biblio | Flash! | Pack It!

NEW Import Wizard for Flash!

Import files from nearly every major software package for quick memorization!

Flash! applies proven methods of memorization to give you the ultimate, most comprehensive study tool. You'll be amazed at how much you remember! Study right on the computer, or print notes and a set of flash cards! Get Flash! - your brain will thank you.

The latest release of Flash! includes an Import Wizard, which allows you to import delimited and fixed-width text files created by most software!

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Site Licenses are Now Available for ScholarSuite 2000

ScholarSoft has made it possible for entire schools to equip themselves with ScholarSuite 2000 at a fraction of the retail cost! The software is permitted to be installed onto every computer owned by the school. This license also offers every student and staff member of the school a personal copy of the software to install on their own system! The value of this site license is unparalleled! Become one of the first schools to use this software package, and watch your students' success soar above all others!

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Read the Latest Press Releases for ScholarSuite 2000

Press releases are now available for ScholarSuite 2000, each targeting a specific type of publication. If you would like to publish these in your school's newspaper or other publication, please feel free! We just ask you to send us a clipping of the article.

Educational publications
Software publications
High school newspapers
College and university newspapers

Earn Money with ScholarSoft's Reseller Program

Whether you are a student, faculty member, or budding entrepreneur, you can make some quick money by selling ScholarSuite 2000 through our reseller program! Give your customers a discount off the retail price while earning a major profit for yourself. It could not be easier to enroll in the program, and you can start selling ScholarSuite today!

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