Earn FREE ScholarSoft Products with our Refer-A-Friend Program!

So you love ScholarSuite 2000, but you just can't afford it, huh? Don't give up--you can get ScholarSuite 2000, Biblio, Flash!, and Pack It! for FREE with our brand new Refer-a-Friend Program! It's simple to do, and you can start earning ScholarPoints today!

Here's how it works: as a fan of our software, you encourage all of your friends, teachers, and students to purchase our software at discounted rates. Once your contacts order our software, you will receive ScholarPoints equal to the total dollar amount in sales. For instance, if you sell ScholarSuite 2000 to one person at $79, you receive 79 ScholarPoints. Sell it to three people, and you receive 237 ScholarPoints! When you have accumulated enough points to receive your gift, send in your order and all the Refer-a-Friend orders and payments. We'll process all the orders and send your reward immediately!

The table below shows the generous gifts you can receive at each ScholarPoints level:

ScholarPoints: Rewards:
$10 gift certificate for ScholarSoft products
Free copy of Pack It!
$20 gift certificate for ScholarSoft products
Free copy of Biblio
Free copy of Flash!
$30 gift certificate for ScholarSoft products
$50 gift certificate for ScholarSoft products
$75 gift certificate for ScholarSoft products
Free copy of ScholarSuite 2000

Here are some simple step-by-step instructions to earn your ScholarPoints:

1. Print and fill out your ScholarPoints Reward Form.

2. Print as many Refer-a-Friend discount order forms as you can and give them to everyone you know!

3. Collect the filled order forms and payments.

4. Finish the Reward Form by totaling your ScholarPoints and selecting your gifts.

5. Mail your Reward Form along with all of the order forms and payments to the mailing address on the Reward Form.

We will immediately process each order and send your reward!