ScholarSoft Free Online Flash Card Tool

Learn more and improve your grades using our FREE online flash card service.

Similar to ScholarSoft Flash! desktop software, our free service uses speeds memorization through the use of colors. When is enabled, each question will be assigned one of ten colors. This accomplishes two tasks:

  1. it helps differentiate the questions, and
  2. it helps associate each question with it's answer.

This use of color stimulates additional parts of your brain to make memorization that much easier! Once you have mastered your subject, you can turn off the color option to assure that the information is retained without this additional aid.

When you have finished your learning for the moment, you can save your deck of flash cards and use them at another time when you return to continue your learning. At that time, you can continue your study add new cards to your saved deck as necessary. You can even use your saved cards with our desktop Flash! software.

Teachers, you can give your saved flash card deck files to your classes with instructions on how to use our site to enhance your students' learning!

Using This Tool

To use this service you start by entering your flash card data. The first time that you use the service, the data must be entered manually. Simply enter a questions and answer in the boxes provided and click the "Enter" button to create the card. Repeat this action for all the cards you need to fully cover the subject matter.

Once you have a flash card deck, you can click the "Run Test" action option to begin your test. Initially the cards are displayed with the color option active; you can click the "oTurn Off Color" option to use black and white for the card colors.

A question from your card deck is randomly selected and displayed in the "Question" area. When you have your answer in mind, click the "Show Answer" button to display the correct answer. If you were correct, click the "Correct" button; otherwise click the "Incorrect" button to move to the next cards. Cards answered incorrectly are returned to the deck and will appear later in the test. When you have answered all cards correctly, you can rerun the test by clicking the "Start Over" button.

When you have mastered the material using color support and without color, you can reverse the cards for further assurance that you have the subject mastered by clicking the "Show Answers" option and starting the test over. The test is rerun with the questions hidden and the answers displayed. When you have the question that goes with the displayed answer in mind, click the "Show Question" button to check your result. Record your result to display the next answer.

Desired Action

Enter Your Cards Run Test Save Your Cards


Enter Individual Cards Import Saved Cards Use Color to Enhance Learning Turn Off Colors
Show Questions Show Answers