Delphi Components
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ScholarSoft has taken full advantage of Delphi's component-based architecture and has created a number of components. The following is a list of general components that all Delphi developers may use to enhance their software. These components are free with source code and are made available to the public as a courtesy of ScholarSoft.

They have been released in thanksgiving for all those developers who have made our lives easier by generously sharing their components. You may distribute and modify them as you please, but please let us know if you fix any bugs or add any additional features. These components may be used royalty-free in any application, but you may not sell these components, their source code, or any derivitive components thereof.

Use at your own risk. The developer(s) hereby assume no responsibility for damage directly or indirectly caused by these units.

Technical support for these components is not available through ScholarSoft. For questions, comments, and bug reports, you may contact Christopher Sansone, the senior developer.


Version 1.01


Delphi 4 and up

Download Demo EXE

TDockManagerPro screen shot

Tired of Delphi's boring dock bars? While Delphi's implementation is adequate for docking toolbars, the functionality is lacking when docking other controls. TDockManagerPro is ideal for docking windows and other controls other than toolbars! TDockManagerPro creates a new DockManager to replace Delphi's original DockManager. Rather than displaying only two grab-bars and a close button, TDockManagerPro also displays text, a gradient background, a transparent close button, and has a fully customizable appearance! Give your software a brand new look with TDockManagerPro!


Version 2.0


Delphi 2 and up

Download Demo EXE

Rtf2Html screen shot

Convert your rich text to HTML in seconds with this powerful unit! Rtf2Html contains functions that convert RTF-formatted text into HTML. Just call RtfToHTML, passing it the rich text string, and it will return a HTML-encoded string! Or pass the TRichEdit to RichEditHTML, and it will do the same. It is by far THE cleanest HTML-rendering converter available for Delphi!
Note: Some incompatibilities exist when using a RichEdit2 component such as TRichEdit98 or TRichEditEx. If you're using the TRichEdit that was packaged with Delphi, this is the converter for you!