Reseller Program

You can earn money by selling ScholarSoft products, while saving your customers money as well!

Here's how it works: ScholarSoft sells multiple-user licenses. A reseller purchases a quantity of user licenses and charges a premium to his customers.

Here's an example: a reseller buys 1,000 user licenses of ScholarSuite 2000 for $11 each. He then sells each license individually for $60. His customers are happy, because they saved $39 off the retail price of ScholarSuite. The reseller is even happier, because he made a 450% profit!

Becoming a reseller could not be easier: just purchase any quantity of licenses from ScholarSoft. Then sell them at any price you wish!

Staff and Faculty: If your school has not purchased a site license, this is the perfect way to equip your students with this powerful suite at discounted rates. . . and earn some extra cash in the process.

Students: Pay off those college loans by selling the software to your friends and acquaintances!

Other Entrepreneurs: It's easy to do. Just find high school and college students in your area and sell the software. Or, sell the software via the Web or any other avenue. The possibilities are endless!

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