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ScholarSuite 2000 is crammed with three power-packed programs to strengthen every aspect of your studies!

Find out more about Biblio

Organize your research, and create outlines and bibliographies in minutes!

  • Automatically create bibliographies in the MLA and APA formats with one mouse click!
  • Keep all your information together by taking structured notes for each reference on the computer rather than on paper
  • Using your notes from the references, you can create an outline for your term paper or project in minutes! Just drag-and-drop information from the references into your outline, add your own thoughts, organize it all, and your term paper will write itself!

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Unleash your memory with this powerful flash card program!

  • Start memorizing in seconds with its simple interface
  • Retain the information much longer than cramming!
  • Automatically create a set of study notes! Print and export them to nearly every word processing format!
  • Print a set of flash cards using your home printer and standard paper!

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Find out more about Pack It!

Finally, a simple way to organize and access your files!

  • Organize your most important files without moving them to different folders!
  • Open these files quickly and easily using a Start Menu-like menu in the Tool Tray
  • Protect these files as Pack It! automatically creates a compressed back-up version
  • Import ZIP files as packages, and export packages to ZIP files for everyone else to use!

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Download ScholarSuite 2000 | Order ScholarSuite 2000 Online