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Studying has never been easier!

Flash! is a full-service study tool, organizing all of a student’s class notes into an on-line flash card system. Flash! applies proven methods of memorization to give you the ultimate, most comprehensive study tool. By typing your class notes, book highlights, etc. into Flash!, you have the greatest tool for memorization at your fingertips: flash cards. What used to take hours-writing out flash cards-can be done in minutes with Flash! Whether you're a student, professor, or just learning for fun, Flash! will tremendously speed up the memorization process. You'll be amazed at how much you remember!

Don't take your next exam without the help of Flash!

Flash Main Window The primary interface is a two-column table: one column for questions and one column for answers. Just put in all important information into the table, and with a press of a button, the table disappears, and a Flash! card with a random question appears. You can flip through the Flash! cards until each question is committed to memory, and then you're ready to ace the big exam!

* Earn grades above 95% on your exams!

* Raise your grades over 10% in half the study time!

* Get into the college of your dreams!

* Save over $10,000 in college tuition by qualifying for tons of scholarships!

Flash! is fully customizable and is equipped with all the features needed for studying. Make Flash! your primary study tool, and see your devotion to studies increase, your grades soar. . .and even with less study time!

Features & Benefits of Flash!

  • Start memorizing in seconds with its simple interface
  • Weed out unnecessary information and focus on only the useful information
  • Focus on the information you don't know by repeating it until you know it!
  • Why do all the work consciously? Using our ColorCommit feature, your subconscious will pair the questions with their answers, too!
  • Memorize the material forward and backward by studying the answers to the questions; then reverse it to study the questions to the answers!
  • Retain the information much longer than cramming!
  • With Flash's unlimited entry system, you can memorize as many questions as you need--10 or 10,000!
  • Add, edit, and delete questions and answers quickly and easily
  • Bullet and Number an answer with multiple parts
  • Import files from nearly every major software package with Flash's Import Wizard!
  • Automatically create a set of study notes! Print and export them to nearly every word processing format!
  • Print a set of flash cards using your home printer and standard paper!
  • Print the information into a table to quickly find specific questions
  • Export your Flash! file to an HTML table for lightning-fast web publishing!
  • Use the information in hundreds of other ways by exporting to Microsoft Excel
  • Create KwikFlashes of your files instantly!
    * Study on any computer, even if it does not have Flash! installed
    * Trade Kwikflashes with your friends to verify your answers
    * Teachers can post these interactive study aids on the Web for students to download--no zipping needed!
  • Customize Flash's interface to create your own perfect environment!
  • Make studying fun using Flash's animation and sounds!
  • Find the help you need in one mouse click with Flash's excellent context-sensitive help
  • Visit the online technical support forum to post questions and ideas for additional features

If you want to ace your exams, this is the tool you need. We guarantee that, when used properly, Flash! will raise your grades on exams that require a lot of memorization!

Don't spend another minute studying without the power of Flash! Download your FREE 30-day evaluation now!

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Download Flash! | Order Flash! Online | Other ScholarSoft Products